Pro Tips for improving your Documentary photography BY GIRISH VASHARAMBHAI BAGADIA

September 15, 2018 Uncategorized

As I would see it, documentary photography and its cousin, photojournalism, are the most troublesome types of photography. By the plain idea of the work, you have almost no power over your topic. You should think and create on the fly. You should, through a visual medium, narrate stories that are normally held for words.

There are typically no renewed opportunities, the best possible minutes are short lived. Documentary photographs can recount a genuine story in a way that no other type of shooting can. It tells the tale of reality and, to me, there is no better story.

We are immersed in symbolism that tells fictions of our world, yet a decent documentary picture comes clean, be it one that is universal or a reality which is exceptionally individual.

Here we have for you tips to enhance your documentary photographs.

1. Research your subject

2. Catch the details

3. Focus on the bigger picture

4. Respect your subjects

5. Catch their true essence

6. Don’t fear the people

7. Be tolerant

8. Create a story

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